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SILENT ECO Haus- und Büroventilatoren


Flush and Surface-mounted fan for venting bathrooms, WCs, non-commercial kitchens, storage rooms, etc.
Suitable for connecting to a shared rising mains (single pipe system), for wall and ceiling installation.

Base load GL means that the motor has a 2-speed design. A multitude of switching variations make it possible to adapt the
operating modes to suit the building‘s situation. The base load (or low level) is activated for instance via an on/off switch (not
possible in conjunction with a delayed shut-off relay) or hygrostat or is permanently on. The high level can be activated as needed
via an on/off switch, delayed shut-off relay, hygrostat, etc.

Temp. [°C]Masse [kg][db(A)]
ECO U 60/G230135011.2673000+4036
ECO U 60 GL/G2307504.8273000+4024
ECO U 100/G230210027.31113000+4046
ECO U 100GL/G2307504.8273000+4024
ECO U 60/T230135011.2663000+4037
ECO U 60 GL/T2307504.5273000+4024
ECO U 100/T230210026.91073000+4044
ECO U 100GL/T2307504.5273000+4024
ECO A 60230135011.2662900+4037
ECO A 60 GL2307504.5272900+4024
ECO A 100230210026.91072900+4044
ECO A 100GL2307504.5272900+4024